Katy Wells




Hospitals use glorified lunch boxes to carry living, human organs.

Doctors dropping heart transplant in Mexico ^

Doctors dropping heart transplant in Mexico ^

We thought this was as sad and impractical as it looks. 
So, we designed a fool-proof organ transportation device
by the most durable and only bear-proof cooler brand
out there:  Yeti. And called it Odyssey.

Preliminary Sketches/Features






A portion of every regular Yeti cooler sale will go to donating an Odyssey to a hospital.
Each of these regular coolers will be shipped to customers with a sticker inside,
explaining their donation and how they can track the cooler they helped fund.


Track Your Cooler
Yeti customers will be able to track the Odyssey cooler they helped fund on Yeti's website.



Yeti sells a lot of hats, so we made one for the Odyssey.
Every customer who is a certified blood donor and contributes to a
cooler donation will be able to buy one with their donor cooler # on the side. 

Co Art Director: Megan Adams
Copywriter: Victor Rivera