Katy Wells

Great Clips


Great Clips
A man can show his pride for many things. His family, his friends. His country. His team.
But for far too long a proper man has had to hide his pride for himself from others.
We see nothing wrong with a little vanity.

Print & Outdoor
Ads in Dad Rags like Popular Science, with the support of outdoor, encourage showing off the new ‘doo.


Television & Decals
:15 Television and in-store decals capture the first thoughts of Dads as they see themselves with a fresh, new cut.


Fake Personal Ads
And what are the repercussions for encouraging such mildly flamboyant behavior?
Tech-savvy, well-trimmed Dads flood the internet with personals ads, while packs of
immaculately-groomed Poppas take it old school on the streets.

Pop-Up & Photo
Pop-up in-store portrait studios snap Pops’ perfect cut and print out a wallet-sized
copy for him to add to those of his wife, his family, and his golden retriever.